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This resource is extremely important for those who decide to be engaged in industrial crops. During the construction and development of the estate, it is needed very often. Only here the players do not know exactly where to get it. In reality, things are not as difficult as they seem. All players can easily mine a career stone in Skyrim. But how to do that?


Before you think about where to find a career stone in Skyrim, you need to understand what kind of resource in question. This, as already mentioned, is a very important component used in production and construction. Unfortunately, to find it just so very problematic. Without this resource it will not be possible to build an estate. Therefore, players are interested in where to find a career stone. What scenarios are there?

Search on the map

Before the player has his own site, you should not think about solving the problem. After all, career stones appear only after buying land in the game. Just at that moment when the need arises.

Where to find a career stone in Skyrim? After acquiring land, you can wander around your possessions. There will certainly be small areas with stones that can be crushed with a pick. These are career stones. Some players claim that the resource can be located near rivers and lakes.

Where to find a career stone in Skyrim? Quite often it is recommended to look for its deposits in the mountains near the estate. It is noted that it is simply impossible to find a studied resource on the map. It is located near the possession of the player.


Is it possible to buy a career stone? Many resources in Skyrim can not only be found independently, but also purchased from merchants. What can be said about the object under study? Is it for sale?
Is it possible to buy a career stone

To some extent, yes. Where can I buy a career stone in Skyrim? In order not to suffer from the task, you just need to buy a ready home from a manager in a given area. Then do not have to look for a career stone. For a certain number of coins, you can rebuild the building automatically.

But apart from the whole career stone is not for sale. Therefore, either they will have to look for themselves independently near the purchased land plot, or resort to the help of a manager who will quickly rebuild a particular building. There are no other options.

"The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim" is a RPG role-playing game created by the developers of Bethesda Softworks. The player is given the opportunity to move freely in the open world, to explore various places, such as, for example, high mountains and abandoned lands. Being in small towns you can do a variety of activities: from making food and working in a forge to selling or buying weapons and armor.

In order to raise the level, the player Skyrim need to actively move around the mainland Tamriel, perform tasks, and, of course, kill enemies. In some villages there are teachers who can give the opportunity to increase some skills. The game provides players with a variety of abilities that are directly related to the skills of the selected character. These abilities consist of a system of "constellations" of acquired skills. Skyrim has two hundred and fifty-five abilities.

The passage of the entire game is calculated at fifty levels, but if you wish, you can go higher up to eighty-one.

There are situations in which players would rather want to rise higher in the level, rather than sit with simple and basic capabilities, pump the current level and acquire a variety of weapons, armor, and much more. For such cases in Skyrim there are cheats on skills, with which you can enhance the experience or simply set the desired value on the skill level. For example, you can get witchcraft, eloquence, blacksmithing, skill alchemy. With the help of such cheats, you can rise high to the level, which means that a wider range of possibilities in this game opens up for players. However, players-cheaters who play "legally" need to remember about cheating abuse.

Important note: if you play Skyrim through Steam, then using cheat codes you will not receive achievements (Achievements - Steam achievements).

Important note: if you play Skyrim through Steam, then using cheat codes you will not receive achievements (Achievements - Steam achievements)

Skyrim career stone. What is the Career Stone for?

Skyrim players can purchase plots and build houses on them. In order to build a house on the site, you need a very important component. In the game skyrim career stone - exactly what you need during construction. Then the question arises: where do you get this stone? You do not need to walk around the map for hours and look for merchants. It is simply not available. This type of stone is located on your site and is mined from a stone quarry.

To find a career stone in the skyrim game, first arm yourself with a pickaxe, and then find a rock on the purchased lot. On the rock should be an area with a chip. This will mean that someone before you mined a stone, and it will also be a hint. Go to this place and just get the necessary resources.

For the construction of his estate in addition Hearthfire game Skyrim, the most important role is played by a career stone. Used quarry stone mainly for the construction of the foundation, walls and forge. In this article, you will learn where to find a career stone in Skyrim.

Quarry mining

The easiest way to get a career stone yourself. For this you only need a pickaxe and free weight in the inventory. So, there are stone veins at each site with the possibility of building an estate. The stone vein is located next to one of the rocks and stands out slightly light color . Going to a career, hover the cursor on it and press the "E" button. For several strokes, the hero will extract the first batch of stones.

For the construction of the whole house you will need a lot of stones, so it is desirable to immediately get the right amount. All mined stones put in the chest, next to the manor under construction.

Now you know where to find a career stone in Skyrim. If you are too lazy to mine the stone yourself, this task can be entrusted to the steward. Also, if you have a lot of money, you can simply buy the necessary resources, for this you also need to approach the steward.

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Sometimes in RPG games there are difficult or just strange tasks that can not be performed without the help of unauthorized people. At such moments, you have to browse all the thematic sites on the Internet, asking your friends who have previously played. One such task is building a house in Skyrim.

If you want your own home, then this will have to sweat very much.

Building a house was only possible in the Hearthfire expansion. It also really create your own family, pretty diversifying the life of the character. Unfortunately, the chic mansion in the Ancient Scrolls is not provided, and, in general, the list of restrictions will be too long. But why not try if the opportunity is provided?

So, from what to build a house for yourself?

In total, we will need ten items, four of which can be made by ourselves, and the remaining six, respectively, will have to be searched somewhere.

1. Clay. You cannot make clay yourself, so the player will have to investigate everything well to find it. One of the ways to obtain clay in the game Skyrim, is to appeal to the ruler. To do this, just talk with him until it becomes possible to order the clay. You can also get the most clay with a pickaxe. There are a lot of places for this, but the most obvious deposits are deposits close to home. Id of clay in Skyrim: XX003043

2. Glass. It can be purchased from merchants who sell all sorts of interesting things (in Gray Pines, for example), caravans, or simply exploring the vast universe of Skyrim. Id glass in Skyrim: XX005A69

3. Goat horns. You need to look for the merchants ("Goods Beletora" in Vajtrane) or get yourself, hunting goats. Id goat horns in skyrim: XX00303F

4. Career stone. It is impossible to make yourself. It is necessary either to contact the manager and order from him, or, as previously stated, to get a pick in the deposits, which are located near the house. Sometimes a career stone comes across by chance. Career Stone Id at Skyrim: ХХ00306С

5. Sawn log. You can find it, again, with the steward. Or at the nearest sawmill to buy twenty pieces at once. Skyrim Id sawn logs: XX00300E

6. Straw. It is possible to purchase from merchants (“Goods of Beletora” in Vajtrane) and from caravans. Straw Id in Skyrim: XX005A68

7. Loop. You can make yourself out of iron bars. Loop Id in Skyrim: ХХ003011

8. Iron fittings. The same as with the loop. Id of iron fittings in Skyrim: ХХ003035

9. Castle. Also from ingots. Id locks in Skyrim: ХХ003012

10. The nail. Also from ingots. Id nails in Skyrim: ХХ00300F

Near each material is its code.

If you enter it in the command line, you can get any resource immediately. This is done something like this. First you need to press "tilde" (or e) to turn on the game console. If for some reason she does not turn on, then most likely you need to grant her administrator rights.

To do this, close the game and right-click on it. Then select "run as administrator". After all these actions, the console should earn. Enter the player.additem # command there, replacing # with the resource ID you want to have. For example, let's take a career stone Id in Skyrim: ХХ00306С, replacing XX by 02 (or 03, 04.

Depending on how the Hearthfire supplement was launched). It should go "player.additem0200306C". Then add to this the number of stones (or other resources) we need: player.additem0200306C5.

Enter the resulting console and get the required amount of resources.

What is the Career Stone for?
So, from what to build a house for yourself?
But how to do that?
What scenarios are there?
Where to find a career stone in Skyrim?
Where to find a career stone in Skyrim?
What can be said about the object under study?
Is it for sale?
Where can I buy a career stone in Skyrim?
What is the Career Stone for?