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Better to see once than hear a hundred times. Therefore, before considering other aspects of the choice, we suggest that you first get acquainted with the varieties of urban bicycles. We have prepared for you a brief but efficient overview of all possible modifications of bicycles for the city in terms of popularity.


The absolute hit of recent years. The most practical and compact bikes for the city. Transport them in a car or public transport, take the elevator comfortably, store at home with minimal loss of space, use the whole family - their advantages do not end there. From the absolutely fantastic triangular STRIDA to the most classic SHULZ, folding bikes will give you real freedom of movement and a lot of fun. Bicycle on the photo - Giant Expressway 1 (2016) .



Straight fit, comfortable seat, adjustable steering wheel and seat, comfortable steering handles with stands under the palm - this is a description of a typical representative of comfortable urban bicycles. This category includes classic city bikes with a steel frame and 28 "wheels, as well as modern, lightweight aluminum models, including 26" wheels, as shown in the photo above. Relaxing walks in pleasure or daily business trips in familiar clothes - the advantages of this type of bike are obvious: high speed with minimal effort, thanks to large wheels, excellent visibility due to high straight fit, readiness for rain and bad weather (most of these bikes are equipped with wings and chain protection or there are fasteners for their installation). In short - a full-fledged urban bike. Bicycle on the photo - Giant Sedona DX W (2015) .


In fact, this is the same comfortable bike, but done in retro style. Such bicycles often have large and not wide road wheels 28 ", elegant steel frames and individual elements, saddles and handlebars of brown color or even of genuine leather. Retro bicycles may differ significantly from manufacturer to manufacturer - someone makes modern bikes, stylized antique, and someone really does the most classic models. In any case, the impressions of traveling to them are simply magical, if, of course, you have a soul for them;) Bicycle in the photo - Apollo Vintage 7 (2015)



When you need a bike for long trips or trips, when you want to get the maximum available number of options - from the footboard to the light equipment, working from the silent hub dynamo, look at trekking (touring bikes). This is such a hybrid road, city and even part of a mountain bike. High 28 "road wheels with a non-toothed road tread, high-quality and lightweight frame and main components of the bike, the most modern equipment - transmission, headlights, hub dynamos, the best and lightest wings and luggage racks - all this is equipped with trekking bicycles. Often equipped with a planetary hub - a gearshift system hidden in the rear hub, effective, reliable, requiring virtually no maintenance, resistant to external influences. Very interesting and practical bicycles. Bicycle in the photo - Panther TK-9 (2013).


These are very special and incomparable bicycles, which are always easy to identify by retro-style, 26-inch wide wheels, extra-wide steel, shiny steering wheel and a large comfortable seat. Of course, there are exceptions to the rules. But what you see above - The most classic example of a cruiser. The style of these bicycles was born in the USA, where they have been used as unpretentious beach bikes since the 50s. Their wheels are plump and smooth, which helps them not to get stuck in the sand.

Soft, even plush riding, absolute comfort and tranquility and, of course, interested views of passersby. A well-chosen cruiser will complement your style and bring color and a little carelessness to your life. Bicycle on the photo - Giant Simple Three W (2016) .


The conqueror of megacities. Hard, fast, sensitive, reliable. He does not tolerate sidewalks and feels confident in the stream with cars. It accelerates quickly and brakes steadily. Does not suffer from the lack of excess linkage. A very interesting class of urban bikes, which is sometimes quite difficult to identify. However, it is still represented by most well-known manufacturers. It is light, tough, minimalistic, sporty and just a stylish urban bike. The main unique elements are a rigid fork, lightweight road wheels with minimal tread, disc toromoses (often, but not always). Bicycle on the photo - Giant Seek 1 (2015) .

Singles aids / fixes

Singles aids / fixes

Minimalism. Nothing extra. Only you and your bike. These fixes are not even equipped with brakes. How so, you ask? No brakes? But why? Words explain this is difficult - you need to try. The fact is that when you ride a fixed gear bike without the usual brake handles on a bike, without a variety of cables and wires, wings and chain protection, you literally blend in with the bike, feel every maneuver, every unevenness of the road, even minimal acceleration and deceleration . You need to actually brake the body - hanging on the steering wheel, shifting the center of gravity and blocking the pedals. Calm and adrenaline in one bottle. You are a bicycle with a bicycle. And such sensations will not give any more bike.

Single-speed is a bike with one gear. But not all single-speeds are fixes. The single-speed in any case there is a brake - if not manual, then foot (rear). But fixing it is not - the pedals on it rotate constantly while the bike is in motion. Very often, single-speed / fixes are now available with a double-sided flip-flop sleeve. Those. If you put the rear wheel on one side - it will be a single speed. And if the other is fixed. I hope you are not confused;) Fixes are now gaining immense popularity in cities of the whole world. Just type fixed gear in youtube and you will immediately understand everything. Bicycle on the photo - Schwinn Cutter (2016) .



The combination of mountain power and speed of the highway. Lightweight frame and large road wheels 28 ". When your path will run more along the road, but you are not ready to sacrifice the opportunity to drive off-road - a hybrid bike will be your best choice. This bike is ready to conquer any peaks at high speed.

Hybrid bicycles are increasingly finding their customers among those who previously would prefer a mountain bike. High speed with minimal effort and at the same time almost the full capabilities of a mountain bike - this is what is captivating in this class. Plus, not so massive frames and moderately narrow wheels, which even when installing wings nicely distinguish the outwardly this bike from the mountain. Bicycle on the photo - Giant Roam 0 Disc (2016) .


That's all. How to choose a bike for the city - you decide! Of course, we have not yet considered such rare bikes as choppers, tandems and three-wheeled trucks. We will do this when they appear on the market.

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