Parade of Passages - The Walking Dead. Episode 101. Walking Day: Episode 101. A New Day, The - Author: Alysseum

  1. Control
  2. Prologue
  3. In the woods
  4. House
  5. Farm
  6. Score
  7. Motel
  8. On the street
  9. Score


The game with a third-person view and a non-linear plot. Depending on your actions and the choice of phrases in the dialogues, the passage changes. Not all phrases affect the passage, some remarks affect the outcome at the end of the episode and the game as a whole. Having chosen such a phrase, in the upper left corner an inscription appears approximately like the following: “Clementine remembered it.” In my passage, I will focus on the phrases that influence the passage. And the choice of phrases that affect the plot of the game, I will leave on your conscience. I draw your attention to the fact that the choice of phrases is given a certain time. Control of the game is carried out both from the keyboard and mouse buttons. To move a character, use the WASD keys . To interact with objects is the left mouse button. For scrolling replicas in the dialogs is responsible mouse wheel. Also, use the mouse wheel to select the action that we plan to perform with this or that object. Saving in the game is automatic.


The game begins with the fact that we, Lee Everett , are driving in a police car as a prisoner. Speaking with a talkative driver, we choose any phrases. Along the way, inspect the rearview mirror. When we notice a person who suddenly appears in front of the hood, we try to warn the policeman, but regardless of the outcome, the accident cannot be avoided.

In the woods

We come round and look around. We are in a locked car with handcuffs in our hands. Examine the right window and kick it four times. We catch up closer to the window and crawl out of the car through it. We get up on our feet, go around the car and pick up from the ground near the car cartridge . We notice on the ground shotgun inspect it and see that it is not charged. We approach closely to the officer and with his belt we remove the bunch of keys. Use the keys on the lock in handcuffs. Dropping the keys, raise them and reapply to the lock of the right handcuff, and then on the lock of the left handcuff. As soon as we get rid of the handcuffs, the officer, more precisely, already a zombie, raises his head and rushes at us. From this moment begins the countdown. Quickly crawl to the car and grab a shotgun. We put the cartridge in the shotgun, but it falls out of our hands. We select the cartridge and re-insert it into the shotgun. Aim at the zombie officer's head and shoot him. We see a mysterious figure in the distance between the trees and shout to it. Watch the video.


Once in the courtyard, we rise to the house and walk to the sliding glass door. We peer into the room through the door, then knock on the door and, without waiting for an answer, open it and go inside. Inspect children's drawing on the rack to the left of the door. We pass to the left and on the white tile we see a pool of blood. After seeing the puddle, go to the kitchen. We fall, stand up and come to the refrigerator in the left corner of the kitchen. We study the note on the refrigerator door and learn from it that we are in the Marshall house, and the note itself is addressed to the nurse. Open the drawer of the table to the right of the refrigerator and get a walkie-talkie out of it. We search the remaining boxes, but they are empty. We drink water from a glass next to the sink and go out into the corridor, where we go to the answering machine and listen to the three messages left. From the messages we learn that the parents went to rest in Savannah and for some incomprehensible reason they are not allowed to return. Their little daughter Clementine stayed in the house with her nanny. After listening to the messages, we talk to Clementina herself on the radio and find out that she lives in a tree house. At this moment we are attacked by zombies. Following the prompts in the game, we repeatedly press the “Q” key, and when the letter “E” appears on the screen, we click on the keyboard the corresponding key “E”. Run back, slip and fall. We beat the leg on the face of a zombie and run out into the corridor, where we fall again. Again we beat the monster, pressing the keys indicated on the screen. We see how the girl opens the glass door and stretches something to us. From the hands of Clementine we take a pick and beat the zombies five times. We talk with the girl, and then choose one of two cues:

We will look for help until it is dark.

Get out of here as soon as the sun sets.

Phrase selection affects the passage. The author of the passage preferred to wait for darkness and chose the second answer. We wait for the night in a tree house, and at nightfall we descend down. We go around the house on the left, open the metal gates and talk to the police. Watch the video.


Upon arrival at the farm, Lee is treated with a wound on his leg and laid with Clem to sleep in the hangar. In the morning, Kenny wakes us up and introduces his family. In conversations choose any phrases. Leaving Clem under the supervision of Katie, go up the screen to the tractor. Inspect the tractor, talking with Sean and offer him help. Having cut the boards, we return to the location where Clementine was left and we approach Kenny, repairing something under the hood of the pickup truck. We offer Kenny help and chat on all topics, choosing any phrases you like. We go in the hangar, where we exchange a couple of phrases with Herschel. Hearing the screams, we run out of the hangar and run to the tractor. Here we have to make a choice:

1. Save the boy Dick, sitting on a tractor

2. Save Sean

I, the author of the passage, chose the first option. We approach the tractor, click on Dick, and then twice beat the zombies behind the fence. Watch a video in which Sean dies, and we leave the farm.


Arriving at Macon, we are attacked by the dead. It is not known where the girl Lilly came from, rescues us and starts to shop. In a long conversation choose any phrases. When Clementine goes to the toilet, a zombie will attack her. We rush to the girl for help. After the fall, click on the dead man, and then quickly press the "Q" key on the keyboard. A long conversation begins again with the whole company, and then Father Lilly falls in with a heart attack. Now we have to get into the pharmacy for Nitroglycerin for Larry. Looking around in the store. In the foreground we notice a box and look into it. To the left of the box we study a week-old newspaper, and on the shelf behind it we find a bar.

We see how Carla repairs the radio. We speak with her and offer our help. Press the power button (Power) receiver, turn the volume (Volume) - indeed, the radio does not work! Turn the radio over by clicking the mouse button on its right side. We remove the cover from the lower compartment and see that there are simply no batteries in the receiver. We promise Karla to find the batteries, and then we continue the inspection. We speak with Doug, guarding the entrance, and in the conversation so far we do not agree to go outside. We study the bulletin board, which is located behind Dag and we pass to the left part of the store. On the wall we inspect the photos, and on the shelf to the left we notice postcards. We pass a couple of steps to the left and take from the shelf one battery . We continue to the left side, approach Kenny, Dick and Kate and talk to them, choosing any replicas. On the wall to the right we inspect several framed photographs. We walk to the left and, having reached the edge of the rack, we go behind it. From the floor we select second battery and then talk to Clem. We treat the girl a bar. From the floor, at the far cabinet, we select one more bar, and then we examine the ATM on the left. We pass to the right to Lilly and her father, we speak with the girl, and during the conversation we select any remarks. We step to the right to the checkout and on the shelf to the left of it we take another bar. We approach the family Kenny and give our son found sweetness. We leave for Karla, hand her the batteries and, when she inserts them into the receiver, click on the radio again. We overturn the receiver, tear off the cover and, clicking on the batteries, swap them. Again, turn over the receiver and press the power button "Power". Listen to the live radio station. Heading to Lilly and her father, we go in the door to the right of them - this is the office. We examine the boards blocking the way to the exit. We investigate the mattress, and to the right of it we find and take a photo. At this moment Karla enters and exposes us. After the girl leaves, we follow the table, shift the boards blocking the path to it, and find the cane. Now we click on the table itself and together with Clem we shift it. When the girl cuts her finger, then we go to the cabinet on the right and, opening first aid kit , we get a patch from it. We approach Clementine, inspect her wound, and then seal it with a plaster. Open the left drawer of the table on which the girl is sitting, and pull out the remote control from the TV. We try to open the door to the pharmacy, but it turns out to be locked. Exit the office, go to Carla and talk to her. At the end of the conversation, Glenn contacts Clem on the radio and asks for help. We speak with Carla and go to the motel.


As soon as we arrive at the motel, there will be arrows with letters on the edges of the screen. Do not worry, this is the standard WASD key control. The “ A ” key is responsible for moving to the left, the “ D ” key, respectively, to the right. The difference in the two other keys: " W " - to rise, and " S " - to bend down. I note that you can not leave the shelter for a long time, otherwise the dead will notice you. We look to the left by pressing the "A" key, and select a pillow. Press the "D" key, and move to the car to the right of the brick wall. We click on the key "A" and, looking out from the shelter, use the pillow on the dead man. Open the door of the pickup truck, take the spark plug from the seat, and then switch the gear lever on the right handlebar. We push the car to the house, thereby we press one zombie to the wall. We move to the car and look into its cabin by pressing the "W" key. Twice we use the spark plug on the glass of the car, and from the seat we grab a screwdriver. Go back to the brick wall by clicking on the "A" key. Press the “A” key again and look out from behind the brick wall. We run to the van, we look out from the left side of the van, by pressing key "A", and with the screwdriver we beat the dead man twice. With the same screwdriver we kill the second approached zombie. We hurry to the pickup that pressed the dead man to the wall. Use a screwdriver to kill a dead man and pick up an ax on the wall to the right of the car. To the right of the house we notice the staircase and go up it. We beat with an ax on the two dead people at the door, and then we knock down the board on the door with the same ax. Open the door and communicate with the bitten girl. Regardless of the choice of replicas, the girl will shoot himself. Having procured gasoline, we return to the store.

On the street

We speak to Doug, who guarded the entrance, and agree to go outside. Across the road we notice a store with TVs, on which is the inscription “Sale” (Sale). We use the TV remote control on the showcase, after which Doug sets it up and turns on all the TVs. A couple of the dead pay attention to the included TVs, but this is clearly not enough. Examine the zombies stuck under the fallen pillar. We read the name on the badge - it's Brother Lee! Again, click on the living dead, and select the action with the photo icon. Convincing Doug that this zombie worked earlier in the store, we get permission to go to jail. Using an ax we knock down a lock from the lattice, and then click on the place where the lock hung, in order to open the lattice. With asphalt in front of the grille, we lift the brick and throw it into the TV case. We run to the dead brother, beat him five times with an ax, then search and pick up the keys. We return to the store.


We go to the office, where the key opens the door to the pharmacy and go inside. The alarm goes off, and all the dead in the neighborhood react to its sound. We run to the front door and help keep it. When the door opens, quickly slam it. We ask Clem to find something to close the door. Slam the door opening again. Press several times on the key "Q", and then click on the key "E". From the girl's hands we take the cane and block the door with it. We see two dead men sneak up on Karl and Doug. We have to choose who to save from these two. I chose Carla because she really shoots. If your choice coincides with mine, then we turn to the right and take a bag from the shelf. We throw bag Carla. Now we see how the zombie gets to Clementine. We run to the girl and three times we beat on the dead man. We hurry forward to the door, but Larry does not let us. When Kenny extends her hand, we take it. Once in a safe place, alternately speak with all the characters. Watch the final video for this episode.

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