How to give a tank to a friend in World of Tanks?

  1. check in
  2. Premium store and gift selection
  3. Recipient selection and payment
  4. Conclusion
  5. Can I give my tank to a friend?

Unfortunately, the game cannot donate tanks that are already in the hangar, but you can donate a premium tank with a bunch of cool chips

Unfortunately, the game cannot donate tanks that are already in the hangar, but you can donate a premium tank with a bunch of cool chips.

You do not know what to give to a friend for his birthday? If he loves playing tanks, then a tank shop from the premium store will be a good gift. In order to do this you must:

  1. Register with World of Tanks
  2. Go to Premium Store
  3. Choose a gift
  4. Choose a recipient
  5. To pay
  6. Wait for a happy smile

And now in order:

check in

check in takes place on the World of Tanks website, where you can become an account holder after spending just a couple of minutes. It is only necessary to come up with a nickname, enter an e-mail and come up with a password. I think with this special problems should arise. It is a pity that you can not give a gift without registration, agree that it would be much more convenient. But maybe this is a way to attract new players, and, as you know, the more the better.

Premium store and gift selection

Premium store and gift selection

After registration is complete, you can safely enter the store and search the page with all sorts of gifts. This may be a technician, a premium account, little gold , large sets of all sorts of various bonuses and much more. But today we will focus on technology. Currently represented fifteen species equipment as a gift (several pieces for each state) among them: AT 15A, Skoda T40, T34, IS-6, etc. In general, we collect the runaway eyes in a heap and look for a suitable option.

Recipient selection and payment

After the completion of the most difficult part, you can proceed to the selection of the recipient and payment. Under the fun orange button “ BUY ”There will be a less noticeable gray button“ Buy a friend ”. We click on it and choose the lucky one, you can even attach a greeting. Then go to the payment. The store offers a variety of payment options for purchase: WebMoney, QIWI, PayPal, Yandex.Money, payment in cellular stores and so on. We choose a convenient option for us and actually pay for the happiness of a friend (and they say that it cannot be bought with money).


And after the work done, it remains only to wait for that sweet moment when the recipient opens his gift and will happily sit at the computer and ride a new tank with shouts that he (or she can) is the fastest and most accurate in the world. Happy pokatushek, accurate shooting, fun and good allies and a good game in World of Tanks!

Can I give my tank to a friend?

Not. Transferring (including donating) tanks between accounts is prohibited . This functionality in World of Tanks is not and never will be.