How to distinguish fake from the original VKontakte. How to create a fake VKontakte

  1. Why are they created and who needs it?
  2. How to learn fake or not vkontakte on photos
  3. Looking for a photo in the network
  4. More about avatar features on fake pages
  5. Introduction
  6. Determine the age of the page
  7. Analyzing the dynamics of page activity
  8. The authenticity of the photos
  9. Feedback
  10. No, well, I still doubt!

Almost every day in large quantities fakes appear in the "Contact". This concept itself comes from the English word "fake", which translates as "fake" and very accurately describes the essence of these pages. Fakes are fake accounts, most often created for non-existent people.

Why are they created and who needs it?

Very often fakie for mass advertising of some sites, products, services, and so on. It is very simple to distinguish such questionnaires: in personal information, status and on the wall you will immediately see links to some groups or other sites. However, sometimes advertising is presented to friends and subscribers of the page in a veiled form. As a rule, in order to attract as many people as possible (after all, the calculation at the same time goes exactly to the mass nature of the advertising campaign - perhaps someone will be interested in the offer), they load the profile nice pictures naked girls. More or less experienced users of a social network can easily distinguish such accounts from real ones.

Quite often you can meet fakes imitating pages of various stars, politicians and other famous people. To deal with this problem, VK developers have introduced an additional option: checkboxes now appear on the “originals” page, which indicate that the authenticity of the page has been verified and confirmed. The fact that the account is used by a real person is indicated by other factors: a large rating, huge on a page.

There are fakes in "Contact" of another type. Such pages are created specifically for cheating the rating, adding a huge number of friends and publicity. With such pages, as a rule, some difficulties appear: it is rather difficult to find out if a person is real in front of you. Similar accounts are also registered for advertising, but not direct. Typically, the method used to send messages to all contacts. For example, with the offer to attend some events.

Amateur fakie in Contact is also very common Amateur fakie in "Contact" is also very common. Sometimes they are created as a joke to play friends, sometimes to communicate with certain users or for other personal purposes. Ask your friends - most likely, many of them have at least one alternative page.

Those who promote groups often create bots. In this case, they don’t use any tricks on how to make a fake in Kontakt - there is practically no information on the pages, photos, etc. After all, such profiles are not needed to convince someone of their authenticity, but for mechanized increase the number of participants in groups, subscribers. Such a move allows you to "deceive" the system and increase the necessary pages in the social network community rating.

Greetings, dear reader of my blog. I am glad that you came to me at the light. Many of us came across users who turned out to be fraudsters or simply ugly people playing on other people's nerves. So today I will show ways to calculate the "left" pages in the VC.

A large number of fake pages - this is one of the serious problems in the social network "Vkontakte". On behalf of the fake page, you can write to attackers and all kinds of detractors who wish to find out some aspects of your life. This is fraught with the fact that then such a fake user can blackmail a naive interlocutor with the publication of compromising materials (personal correspondence, photographs) about him, or even put it on the common ridicule. The lovers sometimes resort to conducting provocative correspondences in order to check their soul mate.

Unfortunately, even terrorists are now resorting to recruiting their random interlocutors, communicating with them for a long time on behalf of pretty girls or boys. If you want to protect yourself from communicating with dishonest people, keep your honest name, save your relationship and do not succumb to radical brainwashing, this article will help you in just a minute to identify a fake page from a real person’s account that’s actually added to You with honest intentions to talk for life.

How to learn fake or not vkontakte on photos

Avatar is one of the business cards of any page in social networks . When an unfamiliar user writes you, and a cute girl smiles at you from a profile photo, how can you not resist and continue communication? And if you are a girl, waiting for your prince, and suddenly you receive a message from a fabulous handsome man, then you think you should not miss such a chance? Be careful! Most likely that this cute photo does not belong to the person who is sitting on this side.

"Then how to find out a fake or not VKontakte on a photo?" - you ask. The answer is very simple! The presence of public records, records on the wall, reposts and other additional information does not always indicate that the account is fake. Often, real users simply do not clog their pages with subscriptions and publications. But much about the actual essence of the page will say exactly the photo on the avatar. To do this, there are a couple of simple ways that every person can do and which do not require special programs nor special equipment.

Looking for a photo in the network

The first and most reliable way to determine a fake page from a profile photo is to find information about this image on the Internet. This is done like this:

  • Save the image to yourself (you can also copy the address of this image) and open "Google - search by image." A page like the one below will open:

  A page like the one below will open:

  • Click on the button in the form of a camera and download a photo from a suspicious account (or paste the address of the picture).
  • The results page will open. If this is a photograph of a famous character (for fake pages, photos of actors or musicians are often used), then Google will give the presumed name of the real owner of that person. If the photo was taken from a regular user, then the search result will be a link to that person’s page.

If the photo was taken from a regular user, then the search result will be a link to that person’s page

Similarly, the search for Yandex-pictures works. To find the photo you are looking for, you also need to click on the button with the camera and insert the URL of the avatar there.

As you can see, if you don’t be lazy and perform these simple steps to search for a photo on the web, you can confirm that the avatar belongs to a particular person and find out if the new interlocutor is really who he claims to be.

More about avatar features on fake pages

Sometimes even a quick glance is enough to see an “artificial” photo. As a rule, fakes can use images from photo stocks to decorate their pages. Such photos are distinguished by special staging and too professional lighting in the frame. Such non-natural photos immediately attract attention.

In conclusion, I want to say that you should not forget about your security when dating and social networking. Never need to communicate with strangers to talk about his personal life and everything that may be of interest to intruders. It is not always necessary to trust the pages where in the profile on the avatar there is a photo with beautiful people. If you have doubts about the authenticity of the page - always check the fake page, for example, by photo.

If you have doubts about the authenticity of the page - always check the fake page, for example, by photo

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Sincerely, Ruslan Galiulin.

How to determine the real user in front of you VKontakte or not?

For example, you read reviews on a product or service. The product is praised, but is it true?

In this era of Internet fraud, I found it useful.

Replaced, so as not to be lost. We read!


As a rule, people spend very little time creating fake pages. Because of this, to determine its authenticity is quite simple .

Below are a few steps to test the page. If at least one of them fails , then there is no point in continuing to check, the page is probably fake .

Determine the age of the page

Determine the exact date of the creation of the page, we can not. We do not need this, we need approximate values. We will do this using the page ID . ID - the ordinal number of the page, formed after registration

How to find id?

Go to the page we need, and look in the address bar of the browser:

If the format is different:

then we act differently. Go to the list of friends of the user:

and look at its ID in the address bar:

As a result, we received an ID equal to 80 491 907.

Since ID is the user's sequence number , the higher its value, the later the person is registered. At the moment, the largest value of the ID of VKontakte is about 183 million . If our ID is close to this value, the page was created relatively recently, perhaps even today.

Registration date, we can determine approximately by eye, focusing on the following growth ID

So, if you have determined the approximate date of registration of the page and its age less than six months (not to mention the month), then you should not trust it.

And do not believe in various tales:

  • I have just registered with VKontakte” , - all the younger generation have long been registered here;
  • My old page blocked, created a new ", - now access to your page is restored in half a minute using a mobile phone;
  • I created the second page on purpose ” - demand the first one and send a message from it to you.

Analyzing the dynamics of page activity

To give your page a more lively look, fake can upload a lot of photos , as well as post many entries on the wall . Pay attention to the date of their placement . Open the list of avatars, squander them. If the majority is loaded on the same day , then a suspicion arises: “How did he change a dozen avators in one day?”.

The same can be done with photos in albums, and recordings on the wall. We need to see that the page is being filled in gradually, and not in one day .
Naturally, if the page is completely empty, then even more suspicion arises.

The authenticity of the photos

Fake, as a rule, uploading other people's photos, takes them from the same VKontakte. It is also possible with other fakes. From the constant refilling of photos, it qualitatively deteriorates noticeably, and it begins to pixelate (small squares are visible). And no, this is not the effect of this, it is a stolen photo. Because if a person uploaded original photos, their quality would be great.

An example of especially popular photos that undergo frequent reloading:

An example of especially popular photos that undergo frequent reloading:

Also, it is worth noting that fakes usually have all the photos taken on a professional camera.


Well, our fake masked his page pretty well, and we still can not understand whether it is real.
Any person on Vkontakte has his real close friends who comment on his photos , post on the wall , or comment on them . Let's try to find similar records:

From these records, you can determine that these people are real friends , which means the page is most likely real. BUT, such comments can be posted by the same page owner, but from other fakes , so you can also check for authenticity and friends.

No, well, I still doubt!

We use heavy artillery

If the photos look too unreal, then try to find their duplicates on the Internet. Perhaps, we will stumble upon the present owner ... For this, choose any photo from the user's albums, preferably of the highest quality , and save to our computer:

For this, choose any photo from the user's albums, preferably of the highest quality , and save to our computer:

We get the result:

If the photo is not found, try another. Perhaps it is not so popular , or it does not have access to the real owner, or is similar to other photos on the Internet.

If we didn’t find anything, or still doubt it, then try questioning your fake. Ask where he lives. If he is from your city, then ask a couple of questions about his hometown, the answers to which every resident should know: “To whom is the monument entrusted to SUSU?”, “At which stop is the monument-tank?”.

And the most control shot - ask to write the current date on a piece of paper, and make your photo with him through a webcam.

Usually, fakie, any requests to confirm the authenticity of your page are answered “ I am not going to prove anything to you !! Do not want, do not believe! ".